A Perfumance by

Peter de Cupere (BE) & Kóan Jeff Baysa (USA)


 Peter de Cupere
peterPeter de Cupere is an Olfactory artist. He lives and works in Hasselt and Antwerp, BE
By exploiting the subjective, associative impact of smells, in combination with visual images, Peter de Cupere generates a kind of meta-sensory experience that goes beyond purely seeing or smelling. Plastic artist de Cupere paints with scents, produces olfactory objects, soap paintings and sculptures, creates video and live perfumances, makes three-dimensional drawings and builds poetic smell installations.
He exhibited in the Biennial of Havana ( CU, 2015) and participated in several international exhibitions (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Basel, Palermo, Rome, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Nantes, London, ...). He's the inventor of the Olfactiano, the first scent piano in the world. He recently published an overview book of 20 years working with scents. In this book you can find more than 500 works, +1.500 images, 22 scratch & Sniff images. The book counts 472 pages, is 5 cm thick and weight 3kg. The book is published by Stockmans Art Publisher.
Peter de Cupere is a lecturer at the PXL–MAD School of Arts in Hasselt. He is the joint founder of the Open Lab where he teaches the use of the near senses, smell, taste and touch in the Senses Lab. He also started up the English Master Fine Arts Programme Art Sense(s) Lab to promote the use of smell, taste and touch as a medium for the work of art. He is a PhD student at the PXL–MAD School of Arts, University of Hasselt, and VUB, and is researching into the use of smell as a context and/or concept for the work of art.

Kóan Jeff Baysa
koanKóan Jeff Baysa is a physician, contemporary art collector, curator, designer, writer, critic, Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, Helena Rubinstein curatorial Fellow, and a member of AICA, the association of international art critics. He is curator at the Art & Olfaction Institute in Los Angeles.
He specialises in designing and producing projects and events that appose and contextualise seemingly disparate subjects. A contributing writer for the online publication ArtSlant, and contributing writer and art editor for the now online contemporary culture periodical, aRUde. He has written for Art Asia Pacific, Flavorpill, Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art, the Scent Marketing Institute Newsletter, and is the Pacific editor for d'Art International (Toronto). He was also invited as an international fashion journalist to Madrid Fashion Week 2012.
He has curated shows for the London Biennale, LA International Biennial, Chinese Biennial, Whitney Museum, Canon Corporation, The United Nations, and has organised and participated in art events throughout the US and in Paris, Cork, London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Beirut, Beijing, Bandung, Hong Kong, Manila, Santiago, Singapore, Cologne, Seoul, St. Petersburg, Madras, Mexico City, and Yokohama. On the boards of The Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School University and the Art Omi International Artist Colony.
He has presented lectures at the Whitney Museum of American Art and MoMA in New York, The Phillips Collection and The National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC, and is on the advisory panels for MuseCPMI, and Art and Med in Los Angeles, and the Streaming Museum, a cybersite with public exhibition spaces on all seven continents.